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YouTube videos how to get dressed how to pack a bag what to take skiing

Check out our YouTube videos!

Check out our YouTube videos! We have 3 fun, informative and helpful videos for you to watch on YouTube. You may be a beginner going on a ski trip – with your school or friends & family. Or, a few years may have passed since you have been on a ski trip. These quick and fun videos give you a great overall look at what you need to pack, wear and why.

2 minute guide. ‘How to get dressed’

This is a fun 2 minute run through on ‘How to get dressed for a safe fun day’s skiing’. This is a great visual and informative audio of every layer from your socks to your outer layers and everything inbetween!

2 minute guide. ‘What to pack’

This is a quick 2 minute video on ‘What to pack in your ski trip bag’. Students who are heading off for the first time with their school are so surprised when they realise that our soft material bag is more than big enough to pack everything they need! This quick 2 minute video shows that it is – and in addition, it has room to spare!

10 minute guide showing everything you need and why

A 10 minute full guide on all the essential and the ‘nice to have’ items that you need for your ski trip. This video goes into more detail of the products, how to wear them and why you need them. Consequently, you are now ready to head to those snowy slopes!


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